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The Rabbis and Rabbaniot at Orot led me to a road of self-discovery, instilled in me the love of learning, inspired me to become a better version of me, and molded my character to what it is today.
The program focuses on the theme of "The Woman and the Family" and the courses touch on a variety of aspects from our Jewish literature.
I hope that you will always remember your year at Orot as one of the most uplifting times of your young adult years and cherish the lasting memories and friendships.
Today more than ever, as COVID-19 runs its course, teachers must learn to swiftly design learning materials that are suitable for remote teaching, to protect the language learning of their students.
A survey was conducted by the Student Association through the Maagar Mochot Institute, Israel's leading research institute, which examined the satisfaction of students in academic institutions in Israel,
Now 28 years later (and 22 years living in Israel), I think about how Orot influenced me, how it impacted me and was influential in making me the woman I am today.
“If the mountain doesn’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain.” A personal report by Aliza Lipsker, Coordinator of the Teacher Training Program for the Diaspora at Orot Israel College
A personal review by Orot Israel College's Dr. Avia Gutman, Director of the Special Education course and Ms. Rachel Bartov – Coordinator of the Practical Work program.