Our Goal is to Keep Jews, Judaism and Israel Strong


rabbi prof yitzchak kraus

How? Through education, which we believe in with all our heart. Orot Israel College combines rigorous academic excellence with devotion to Judaism and a love for the Land of Israel. We inspire our graduates to instill these values in future generations of Jewish children.

Our vision of Jewish education is all-encompassing. We believe that teachers must address every aspect of their students’ souls — intellectual, artistic, emotional, and spiritual.  Jewish values, the world of Torah Halacha and Jewish philosophy are integral to everything we do. This applies to all subject areas, not just Mishna or Chumash. Whether one teaches math, dance or history, there is no substitute for a teacher who is attuned to his or her students and exemplifies Torah values.

Holding to this principle of integrating Torah and academia at a high level, Orot College is home to those who see education as their professional mission. A mission of utmost importance: to give to the future of the nation of Israel - building the next generation; a generation experiencing tremendous technological and scientific development. Our mission is to illuminate this progress with the eternal values ​​of the Torah of Israel. Indeed, this is reflected in those who graduate from the College’s creative environment.

Thousands of Orot Israel College alumni are administrators and teachers of children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, in communities throughout Israel and the Diaspora.