Judaic Studies and Education Enrichment Programs


Inspiring the spiritual growth of our students
Rabbi Dr. Yona Goodman

As a religious teachers’ college, the Orot Israel College of Education takes great pride in the special Judaic enrichment programs offered to its students during their academic studies. These programs, which are not supported by Israel’s Ministry of Education, help ensure that our students not only grow vocationally and intellectually during their academic careers, but religiously and spiritually as well. Under the direction of the Dean of Students at the Elkana campus, these programs offer a wide range of opportunities for the diverse religious student body.

Programs include:

Halachah Track:

Dedicated by the Koschitzky family in memory of Riva z”l

The Riva Koschitzky Beit Midrash Program for Advanced Halachic Study - Under the leadership of Rabbi Gil Dvir and Rabbanit Dr. Adina Sternberg, students engage in advanced chevruta learning supervised by exceptional educators in the area of Rabbinic Judaism. Students study both independently as well as in classic shiur-style, working towards the publication of a Torah journal at the end of the year.

Leadership Track:

Available for dedication

The Institute for Educational Leadership and Emunah - In this two-year program under the guidance of Rabbi Dr. Yona Goodman, students address the unique opportunities of living and teaching in Israel and the challenges they will face as educators. They also gain important tools that will make them better teachers and role models in their schools and communities.

Mechanchot Track:

Available for dedication

A mechanechet, homeroom teacher, is responsible for the personal, educational and spiritual well-being of her students. More than anyone else in the system, a mechanechet plays the most important role in her students’ growth and development. Until now, no formal program existed to train future teachers to fulfill these primary educational goals. Orot Israel College of Education has established a pioneering Mechanchot Training Program under the leadership of Rabbi Matanya Yadid and the guidance of Rabbi Dr. Yona Goodman.

“Orot Israel College is a leader in Torah and academia. We place great emphasis on ethical and religious commitment so that our students will educate children in the values of faith, and a love of Torah, the Jewish nation, and the Land of Israel. We have developed a unique program devoted to intense Torah study taught by first-rate instructors in a wide array of subjects that are both exciting and relevant to educators in Israel’s religious public school system.”

 Professor Yuval Sinai, President of Orot Israel College

               Annual Dedication Opportunities:

Leadership Track: $25,000

Mechanchot Track: $25,000