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Orot Israel Campuses

Orot Israel College is comprised of two campuses in Elkana and Rehovot.

The Elkana Campus houses both the women's undergraduate programs in education as well as a graduate program in Educational Counseling for both men and women. The campus boasts several large education buildings including classrooms and offices, a Beit Midrash, a 450-seat auditorium, an academic library, a radio station and a dance studio for students studying in the Dance Education program.
Single and married students also live on the Elkana campus. Single students reside in resident housing buildings, while most of the married couples live in caravans and a residence apartment building. In addition, the campus offers a child daycare center as well as a swimming pool open for summer use.

Orot's Rehovot Campus, formerly the Moreshet Yaakov College of Education, houses the men's undergraduate programs in education as well as a two graduate programs in Jewish Studies' Education and Educational Management for both men and women.
The campus is also home to Yeshivat Orot Yaakov, where hundreds of yeshiva students study and live as they prepare for serving in the Israel Defense Forces. In addition, the Rehovot campus serves as a regional hub for hundreds of students studying in Hesder Yeshivot across Israel, who concurrently earn a Bachelors Degree of Education together with their yeshiva studies.