Creating Equal Opportunities for Needy Students


Tasfa-Ethiopian Teachers' Program

Orot Israel College accepts students of merit from all backgrounds, including those from disadvantaged homes and from the Ethiopian and Charedi communities. We believe that these students can become wonderful teachers, as well as important role models within their communities. But some of them sorely lack the finances and/or family support necessary to get a college degree.

At Orot Israel College we have taken it upon ourselves to empower these students and enable them to succeed in their studies and future careers. For these students, even a small amount of financial assistance can make the difference between having a steady, rewarding job or dropping out of college and struggling in minimum wage positions for life. We offer deserving students assistance in three crucial areas:


The COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully demonstrated the importance of pc’s to both teachers and students. Without a computer, a student cannot do research, hand in assignments, or participate in online instruction. Teachers of the future need to be fully conversant with the technology that their students are using. Our goal is to purchase 50 computers for students without the means to acquire one.


The Scholarship Fund enables worthy students who cannot afford to pay tuition to acquire a profession and reach their personal and academic potential in a Torah environment. COVID-19 has brought economic hardship and unemployment to many of our most needy students, and requests for financial aid have soared. Many students are in need of immediate assistance in order to complete their studies.

Emergency Aid

This fund helps students of all backgrounds who temporarily find themselves in a difficult situation — a recent divorce, an unexpected medical problem etc. — and are in need of short-term financial aid. At Orot Israel College, we are there for our students and will do whatever we can to help them make it through their difficulties. This fund exemplifies our educational philosophy: a true Jewish education means that a teacher (or teachers college) addresses all aspects of his student’s life and wellbeing.

Please join Orot Israel College in empowering students in need.

Dedication Opportunities

Computers for 50 needy students                                $50,000

One Year Scholarship                                                       $3,000

Four Year Scholarship                                                   $12,000

Emergency Aid Fund                                                   $100,000


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your financial assistance. You have no idea how much peace and quiet your help gives me. While I’m studying I can really concentrate on my lessons without thinking all the time about “how to survive.” I’m writing so that you will know that your assistance saves people’s lives.
                                                             --- B.O., a student at Orot Israel College