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Orot Teachers-Graduates Conference

Orot's Research Authority


The Research Authority at Orot Israel College seeks to promote academic research and publications, training workshops and cooperation with other academic venues.

Conference on the Excellence in Teaching Program

Inauguration of Orot’s Center for Learning and Teaching

Orot Conference in Jewish History

Remembering Orot over the Past 20 Years

Farewell to Sarah


Orot Israel College would like extend our best wishes to Sarah Yaakobi, who is retiring after 20 years of devoted work as Secretary of Orot's MA program.

A Shabbat dedicated to Torah in London


Rabbanit Dr. Nomi Shachor from Orot Israel College was invited as Scholar in Residence for Shabbat on November 22-23, 2019 to Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue in London, England, where she gave shiurim to hundreds of congregants.

Orot's Family Center


Orot Israel College in Elkana launched this year's activities at the Orot Family Center that was established two years ago. The Family Center trains consultants for marital relations as well as parental and bridal consultants, with the aim to train young women for work in the field with professional certification.

Nomi Spanglet, Director of Resource Development and Public Affairs

Message from Professor Yuval Sinai, President of Orot Israel College

Graduates’ Conference of The Institute for Educational Leadership and Emunah

Orot's Prominent Lecturers at the Oxford Conference

Meet Orot's New Dean of Students

Farewell to a Tenured Teacher

On Spirited Wings

Upgrading the Class

Rav Itamar Ben Gal הי"ד

Orot BA and MA Graduates

Kurt Rothschild Receives Orot Israel College's Badge of Honor

Workshop for Wives of IDF Soldiers


With a quarter of its residential students’ husbands in the army, Orot felt the need to initiate a unique workshop in the Jewish Family Education Center to help women who are married to professional soldiers cope with the difficulties of a military family.

Open Day in the Special Education Studies Program at Orot Israel College

Community Outreach: Promotion of Youth Program

Accessibility Workshop for Orot Israel College's Administrative Staff

Successful Annual 3-Day Convention on Jewish Oral Law


Orot Israel College recently hosted the second National Convention on Jewish Oral Law at its Elkana campus for women and Rechovot campus for men. The conferences, initiated by Professor Yuval Sinai, President of Orot Israel College, were open for free to the general public.

Pesach Greetings from Orot Israel College's President

Kislev-Tevet Chanukah 5778

Tishrei 5778

Rav lau

In This Issue: Meet Orot President Yuval Sinai ;
   Orot Inaugurates Nationwide Torah She'beal Peh Conference ;
   Early-Childhood Education in the Sukkah ;
   Orot Family Updates


Adar 5777

Adar 5777

In This Issue: Platform Discussing the Subject of Tzniut- Modesty ;
Religious Education Prize Laureate for 2016- 2017 ;
Study Days For Young Women in National Service ;
Orot Family Updates