Orot Israel College’s challenge is to place education at the forefront of change.
With an emphasis on excellence not just in the academic sense, Orot bolsters the power of education to effect change - in each student, in society, and in the State of Israel as a whole.
By engaging in Jewish enrichment projects, Orot Israel College is personally empowering Israel's future educators with the skills needed to become leaders who will inspire future generations to love Torah, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael.
Without a doubt, Orot Israel College's Community Outreach projects encourage its students to implement what is beyond the four walls of their classrooms, to take theory and turn it into reality.
This demands that our students realize that they are a part of society and they must be actively involved in promoting the powerful impact of social awareness and responsibility.
The majority of these projects do not receive any funding from the government and, thus, totally depend on Orot Israel College's kind supporters.