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Orot Israel College's eye-opening conference, "Things that you see from there" discussed the predominant issues of Orot’s teachers training program.
The Research Authority at Orot Israel College seeks to promote academic research and publications, training workshops and cooperation with other academic venues.
The lecturers focused primarily on the educational aspect of the teacher's role and about widening horizons in education.  
Innovative teaching strategies and pedagogic outlook suited for the 21st Century, that gives Orot's students a meaningful learning experience.  
Orot Israel College hosted a conference in history, "Given the Challenges of the Time", in memory of Rina Shnerb הי"ד who was killed by a roadside bomb near Dolev in August 2019.  
Rabbanit Dr. Nomi Shachor from Orot Israel College was invited as Scholar in Residence for Shabbat on November 22-23, 2019 to Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue in London, England, where she gave…
In November 2019, while I was in London for Shabbat with Rabbanit Dr. Nomi Shachor, I was delighted to be able to meet with several Bat Zion Bogrot (the one-year program for young women from abroad).
We are proud to share with you the wonderful news that the current academic year has started with a 20% increase in first year students enrolled in our Bachelors' Degree program at Orot Israel…
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