Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Felix Housing Fund


Rav Felix

The goal of this project is to relieve the financial pressure on married students and provide them with reasonably priced housing so that they can focus on their studies and become outstanding educators who will serve Am Yisrael for decades to come.

The cost of housing in Israel is very high, and employment opportunities for students, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, are limited. The need to pay for rent and childcare, to work, and to travel to college, can make getting a degree too costly and challenging for some married students.

25 years ago, fifty caravans (trailer homes) were erected on the Elkana campus as a temporary measure to help out married students. Today these caravans are decrepit and beyond repair. They urgently need to be replaced. 50 young families are desperately waiting for a housing solution.

The Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Felix Modular Housing Fund will replace the old broken-down caravans with modern housing units that will provide deserving students with affordable rent, proximity to the College campus, and onsite childcare, so that the next generation of teachers can pursue an education with a clear mind.

In each 44.4 square meter modular home there will be 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry corner and a kitchen and living room area.

The fund is named in honor of Rabbi Dr. Felix, who founded Orot Israel College, Yeshivat Ohr Chaim and Ulpanat Orot in Toronto, and headed Orot Israel College for decades, as a small measure of the recognition he deserves.

Please partner with us in supporting the next generation of Jewish educators.

Dedication Opportunities

Construction of 1 modular home                         $60,000  

Construction of 5 modular homes                      $300,000

Construction of 1 wing (10 modular homes)     $600,000

Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Felix Housing Fund