To Learn Bridal Instruction - With Joy



In the center of the family of Orot College, a special course for bridal instructors recently concluded. The course was led by Rabbi Rut Benjamin, a senior lecturer, bridal instructor, and personal and marital counselor.

In a conversation in the Channel 7 studio ahead of the opening of the next course, Rabbi Benjamin emphasizes the importance of teaching bridal guidance in this generation. She states, "Training bridal instructors and learning for the wedding should be based on a personal connection. Nothing can replace a personal connection, guidance, responsiveness to all difficulties and challenges, expectations, and understanding of what is happening in the extended family towards the wedding. Nothing can replace that. You may be able to acquire the content online, but the personal relationship and guidance cannot be replaced."

When asked about the specific needs she identifies in the current generation, Benjamin responds, "We also discussed the challenges of this special generation, which, on the one hand, has a great aspiration for spirituality, and on the other hand, struggles to accept decisions as simple. We explained that one needs to be very faithful and adhere to the halacha (Jewish law) with an open door to specific questions. Our generation today seeks pleasure, and it can be provided with proper tools."

According to her, the learning method is both inviting and maintains a very high level of study. "What is very unique about the course is that it allows women to learn from home because most of the course is hybrid, and there will be two or three face-to-face meetings. We tried to continue the familial atmosphere even in the Zoom lessons. Alongside that, we did not compromise on the high level. There was practical learning, body awareness, guest lecturers carefully chosen by me who spoke, among other things, about past sexual trauma, a prominent halachic authority accompanying the course, and also a session on financial guidance, which is a topic that causes many conflicts in a young family."

Emphasizing the need for halachic precision is an integral part of the learning. "The basic course indeed requires halachic depth but is very practical. In the end, they do not receive a precise system tailored to each bride because each one is different, but they receive order, sources, and my availability. Just as a bridal instructor needs to be available to her bride, my availability for the learners is indeed a significant added value."

And what is required to participate? "Acceptance to the course is conditional on a personal interview to understand that there is a real match. We are not coming to solve our marital problems in the course. Of course, those who need this assistance will receive it. In addition, during the course, one must complete tasks, which are an exam and simulation, to see how to translate theoretical learning into practice. The participants receive a certificate that entitles them to instruct brides on behalf of the Center for Family of Orot College."

"The previous cycle has just ended, and the connections and relationships formed within the group are exciting and fulfilling. The WhatsApp group remains open over time for personal consultations and guidance," concludes Benjamin, inviting those interested to inquire about the upcoming course