Orot Israel College Scholars Participate in Comprehensive Hebron and Judea Research Conference


Orot convention

Representatives from Orot Israel College participated in the 'Hebron and Judea Research Conference.' Notable figures include Dr. Boaz Hutterer from the departments of History and Talmudic Literature, Dr. Gershon Bar Kochva from the departments of The Land of Israel Studies, and Dr. Yoram Almakias, Head of the Department for The Land of Israel Studies. The conference featured a range of compelling lectures from leading researchers in various fields related to both historic and contemporary Hebron, including Bible studies, Jewish law, archaeology, history, and anthropology. A collection of research articles on Hebron and Judea from the years 2021-2022 was published and distributed to all conference attendees. The event took place in the Cultural Hall of the Kiryat Arba-Hebron Local Council and concluded with an emotional tour of the ancient cemetery, along with a memorial for the martyrs of Hebron.