"Libi BaMizrach" volume 2


Libi BaMizrach #2

Orot Israel College is proud to announce the publication of the second volume of the "Libi BaMizrach" Annual Scientific Conference.

The topic is "Jewry in Islamic Lands-Return to the State of Israel."

The second "Libi BaMizrach" International Scientific Research Conference discussed "Jews from Islamic Countries - Homecoming to the State of Israel" and was hosted at Orot Israel College's Rechovot campus on May 9, 2018. Over 200 people attended the conference that was led by Rav Dr. Rachimi  and other dignitaries included,  Dr. Aviad Hacohen, Dr. Dror Hovra, Dr. Yossi Londin, Prof. Shaul Regev, Prof. Shmuel Terigno, Dr. Elisheva Shitreet and other Middle East Jewry researchers.

Topics of discussion included: Jewry from Moslem countries on the eve of the Israeli War of Independence, Zionism in Morocco from personal and literary perspectives, the absorption of new immigrants from Morocco, the Jews of Uzbekistan during the Soviet era and their Aliyah to Israel, mass Aliyah from Yemen, and more.

Noted historians and Middle Eastern Jewry researchers examined the immense contribution of Olim from Islamic countries since the establishment of Israel, in various areas that included, religion, emunah, Torah and culture.  From a Zionist perspective, many settlements were established by these new immigrants and played an important part in the development and survival of the newly declared State of Israel.


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