Orot Teachers-Graduates Conference


teachers graduate conference

Orot Israel College recently held an important, eye-opening conference, "Things that you see from there", initiated by Dr. Naama Bindiger, on behalf of Orot’s Teachers Advancement Unit, with its young women graduates to discuss the predominant issues of Orot’s teachers training program. These include the uniqueness of Torah teaching at the college, developing motivation for teaching, supporting students to form their academic outlook, preparing student teachers to become a part of the Israeli education system and cultivating an ongoing relationship between the college and its graduates. The last was manifested at the conference, which comprised panels of Orot's staff and young Orot graduates.

One graduate who is now a Math teacher, grades 7-9, at Ulpanit Tel Aviv, spoke warmly about her experience in the Orot Israel College: “First and foremost, Orot's lecturers are caring people. I felt that we had had someone to listen to and someone we can to turn to, both during the lectures and after class. Our instructors were knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond to our needs.”

Another graduate who is now a Bible instructor expanded: “I had a wonderful lecturer who connected me to the Bible with heart and soul, who taught me that the Torah isn’t just some kind of text, you have to live it and breathe it as if it is happening here and now. This what I am trying to impart to my students. I want to inspire my students the same way that I was inspired. I want them to have the same understanding of the Bible that I only had at the age of 20.”

 The graduates’ enthusiasm was well received by the Orot staff. In response, one instructor said: “What is most meaningful about Orot College is the interpersonal envelope. The values that the lecturers believe in, exude and impart in informal fashion, the inner belief, the love and caring. And along with this, the professional tools and relative standards for each branch of learning.”

Another instructor observed: “This reinforces the college’s standing as an education institute. Orot conducts itself in a manner that serves as a model for learning achievement. Our students are attentive and acquire insight through a strong connection with their instructors in the course of their studies.”

And one instructor summed up the special ongoing relationship between the teachers staff and their graduate students: “It is important for us to stay in touch with our graduates, teachers in the field, and through our teaching reinforce the things that they say are important.”

Dr. Naama Bindiger, on behalf of Orot’s Teachers Advancement Unit, thanked the participating teachers and graduates and summed up the conference: “We came together, as one community, with open and honest discussion, with smiles and a sense of cooperation that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  When we saw and heard our graduates, standing tall and brimming with a sense of achievement; we were reminded how important our work is, and that our mission is more valuable than gold.  Together we thought about further advancing the training that we are giving our students.  We listened to and proposed various ideas and directions. These will be processed and with, with Hashem's help, integrated in our teaching practices at Orot College.”