Orot's Research Authority



The Research Authority at Orot Israel College seeks to promote academic research and publications, training workshops and cooperation with other academic venues. Rabbi Dr. Zvi Stampfer, Director of the Research Authority at Orot Israel College, is an expert on Judaeo-Islamic culture, Jewish literary works in Islamic countries and Jewish-Islamic legal interactions and archiving. Dr. Stampfer is also in charge of research contacts, cooperation and the publication of scholastic articles.

In a joint venture with the T-S Genizah Research Unit of Cambridge University Library and Machon Yerushalayim, the Research Authority of Orot Israel College plans to uncover, transcribe and translate 100 new Genoic responsa preserved in the Cairo Genizah collection. Some of the most interesting findings are ancient quires, dating to the Tenth Century, inscribed on parchment in the name of Rav Sa'adya Gaon. Participating researchers in the project will include Prof. Stampfer, Dr. Amir Ashur, Dr. Ezra Chwat and Dr. Dan Greenberger.