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  A recent bridal instructor course at the Orot College's Family Center, led by Rabbi Rut Benjamin, highlighted the crucial importance of imparting bridal guidance grounded in personal connections…
Who is responsible for the closeness between parents and adolescents? It seems both sides play a crucial role. Rabbanit Sarah Maychour, from the Center for Family at Orot Israel College, reminds us…
"Thus said GOD of Hosts: The fast of the fourth month, the fast of the fifth month, the fast of the seventh month, and the fast of the tenth month shall become occasions for joy and gladness, happy…
From the therapeutic power of journaling to the joy of indoor camping, this guide offers practical tips to navigate challenging times. Learn how to create a balanced routine, find solace in volunteer…
Dr. Yona Shira (Yoni) HaEitan, lecturer in Bible and Jewish Thought at Orot Israel College, reveals to us an exciting insight in the story of the prophet Jonah, teaching us to stay connected.
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