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Orot Israel College in Elkana launched this year's activities at the Orot Family Center that was established two years ago. The Family Center trains consultants for marital relations as well as parental and bridal consultants, with the aim to train young women for work in the field with…
In November 2019, while I was in London for Shabbat with Rabbanit Dr. Nomi Shachor, I was delighted to be able to meet with several Bat Zion Bogrot (the one-year program for young women from abroad).
We are proud to share with you the wonderful news that the current academic year has started with a 20% increase in first year students enrolled in our Bachelors' Degree program at Orot Israel College. 
Graduates exchange ideas on the matter of key educational and spiritual messages recharged on educational and Torah standards, become exposed to new education challenges
Orot Israel College is at the forefront of academic educational research
Empowering Jewish teachers in the Diaspora
Rabbanit Idit Shilo was appointed Dean of Students  & Head of Torani  Studies 
Orot wishes Rabbanit Nechama Ariel health and success