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A revolutionary way to plan lessons  
An Orot graduate who was murdered in a terrorist attack
Meet Yeholasht (Kara) Tigist, an Orot graduate with a successful story
organized by the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit in the Cambridge University Library in collaboration with the Research Authority of Orot Israel College, Rechovot Campus.
Orot Israel College celebrated the 98th birthday of World Mizrachi President, Kurt Rothschild, and presented him with the College's Badge of Honor.
With a quarter of its residential students’ husbands in the army, Orot felt the need to initiate a unique workshop in the Jewish Family Education Center to help women who are married to professional soldiers cope with the difficulties of a military family.
“One does not have to be tall in order to touch the sky.” With these words Aharon Silverberg started his lecture at the recent open day in the Special Education Studies Program at Orot College.
Studying for a “Promotion of Youth” major at Orot Israel College prepares students for Therapeutic- Educational work with youth at risk and earns our graduates a Therapeutic-Education Worker’s Certificate.