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Dr. Talia Perlshtein, Head of the Dance and Movement Program at Orot Israel College
Orot Israel College marked the birthday of the 500 Club for its unique “First thing in the Morning History” initiative on WhatsApp
Discover how Orot Israel College faced the many challenges presented by the pandemic
A Personal Message from Professor Yuval Sinai, President of Orot Israel College
What an inspiring story about the founder of Orot Israel College, Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Felix and Yom Haatzmaout!!!
Two periodicals published by Orot Israel College, “Libi BaMizrach” and “Oreshet,” were recently recognized by the Academic Council for Higher Education.  
Miriam Sklarz, a senior Bible lecturer at Orot Israel College, was appointed Professor by the Council for Higher Education in Israel.
  Orot Israel College celebrated Purim with a colorful event for the staff and students and is very proud of one of its model students