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Though I would have termed myself 'Zionist' before coming to Israel on my year off, I don't think I could ever have envisioned myself living here until I spent the year in Orot.
Orot Israel College's One Year Program for students from abroad inculcated student's with the philosophy of Rav Kook and gave them the opportunity to discover Israel and fall in love with the people and country.
How can a Special Education student learn Hydrotherapy in the corona period?  Yes, it is possible.
We feel that we are blessed to live every day in the land intended, to raise our children in Israel, and be part of the dream of 2000 years.
Immediate implementation of online solutions by Orot Israel College's digital and communication team proved to be very successful
Feeling the achdut with all of our extended family today during  these challenging times!
The years I spent at Orot Israel College and the people I encountered there have been a significant part of my professional life.
A community needs a synagogue, a place where the Shchina is present - a place where we can daven.  A synagogue needs a community, where Jews will come and enter through its gates.