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The introductory stage for teaching is always a very significant stage for new teachers. Alongside the great enthusiasm that they experience, they face many challenges. And when their internship year happens during the COVID-19 crisis the challenge is doubled.
Growing up I was a huge Zionist, but the Torat Eretz Yisrael that I learned in Orot classes and on many of our tiyulim shaped my whole approach to Judaism and Jewish identity. At Orot I really internalised that the two were inseparable, and I knew that my future had to be in Israel.  
The graduation show of fourth-year students in the Dance and Movement Track at Orot Israel College took place this year in a unique format due to COVID-19 regulations - in an open space in the pool at Orot Israel College's Elkana campus.  
How can students be allowed to experience teaching when schools due to COVID-19 were closed during the lockdowns or operated in small, closed capsules? Racheli Bartov - Coordinator of the Teaching Entry Unit, Orot Israel College, Elkana
Orot from 5745(1984) till today 5781(2021) Petach Tikva. Tzomet Segulah. Mosach Achim Ovadya. Anyone who went to Orot from its inception thru the mid-1980s remembers these places very well.
We at Orot Israel College are immensely proud of our own Dr. Chana Katan, President of the Orot Israel College Jewish Family Education Center, recently awarded this year's coveted Jerusalem Prize for her outstanding accomplishments.
Orot Israel College is proud to extend its congratulations to Rochel Sylvetsky on being chosen as the Israeli recipient of this year's Outstanding Educator Award for her many accomplishments to further religious education.
The journey of Torah learning provided by the Orot experience, not only enhanced my relationship with my Jewish identity, God,commitment to mitzvot and continuous study, it ultimately helped propel the decision to make Israel my permanent home.