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A personal review by Orot Israel College's Dr. Avia Gutman, Director of the Special Education course and Ms. Rachel Bartov – Coordinator of the Practical Work program.
I still look back on my year at Orot as one of the best, most enriching experiences of my life. Being surrounded by such quality people made the biggest difference in my transition from high school kid to adult.
The primary objective of the program is to train teachers in a unique Torah atmosphere and in the spirit of National Religious Education, with the aim to enable the students, most of whom are already teachers in practice, to enrich their domains of education and research.
I should like to dedicate these few lines to the last of the Chagim of the High Holiday period, Chag HaSukkot. 
Through Orot Israel College's library website, one can access databases that contain articles and books in their full text, and the library staff is available to help every student or lecturer use these databases.
During these unusual times, we find ourselves in the twilight of the 5780 academic year and its exams, with the hope for a new dawn that will light up the new academic year, 5781.
Though I would have termed myself 'Zionist' before coming to Israel on my year off, I don't think I could ever have envisioned myself living here until I spent the year in Orot.
Orot Israel College's One Year Program for students from abroad inculcated student's with the philosophy of Rav Kook and gave them the opportunity to discover Israel and fall in love with the people and country.